eggs royale

eggs royale

This recipe was brought to you by the circumstances surrounding my 29th birthday.

1. The evening before I was joking to Matthijs that I expected a special breakfast for my birthday, since I make him one for his birthday as well. So in some sort of sheer panic he decided to make me eggs royale, a breakfast I had during our honeymoon. However, neither of us had ever made this at home and Matthijs is not really a hero in the kitchen. Nevertheless, he gave it a try. Not really to our satisfaction, but that happens more often with first attempts.

2. The day after my birthday I went to this fancy store to buy a much too expensive plate, because I was given one for my birthday and I convinced myself that I needed two. While I was there, I allowed myself to peruse through all the other pretty tableware present. So by the time I arrived at the cash register, I had my plate, a glass, and two egg cups. My collection reminded the cashier of a still life. I think in visuals, so just like that the image above came into existence: background, plate, glass, egg cup, and the food that should be in it.

Back home I set out on a mission to make this vision happen.

One short remark on the eggs: originally eggs royale are made with poached eggs. Unfortunately poaching eggs is a skill I do not master. And I don’t feel the need to sacrifice 3635 eggs to learn how to perfectly poach an egg. So I leave that to the professionals and choose to be perfectly happy with a soft boiled egg at home. However, if you do master the art of poaching eggs, by all means swap the oiled egg for a poached one.

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