snow & cardamom oat waffles & vanilla honey poached pears

cardamom oat waffles and vanilla poached pears stacked on a plate

That is a mouthful. And it perfectly sums up my morning. Yesterday I looked out of my living room window and saw tiny snowflakes flutter down from the sky. Nothing new this week, but this time they didn’t melt away the nanosecond they hit the ground. I was so excited. For weeks now I have been daydreaming about the idea of being snowed in. But not a snowflake in sight. Not that I really want to be snowed in. I’d rather go make a long walk and take photographs.

My favourite piece of nature isn’t easy to reach by public transport, I don’t cycle when there is any chance of icy roads, and Matthijs was going to meet a friend, in short: there was no way I was going to get there. Fortunately, I was able to convince my husband to wake up early today and go there for a sunrise walk if the snow would still be there. So today we woke up at 6.45 AM, checked if there was snow, put on the warmest clothes we have, shoved a quick breakfast in our mouths, and of we went to Amelisweerd. When we arrived, almost no one was there, and many paths were still unspoiled, covered with fresh snow so deep our feet sank in it. It was a happy early Sunday morning.

snow covered fruit trees behind a fence

snow covered fruit trees and a robin in the snow

large trees in a field of snow

After about an hour and a half we were cold, done ruining the pristine trails, and it was getting crowded. So we went back home, and I made us these cardamom waffles with vanilla honey poached pears to warm up a bit at second breakfast. I hope you enjoy them as well.

recipe for cardamom oat waffles and vanilla honey poached pears

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  1. Apr 5.2017 / 4:53 pm / Reply

    These waffles look incredible!

    • Apr 10.2017 / 4:22 pm / Reply

      @Lauren Grant | Zestful Kitchen

      Thank you! They taste delicious as well.

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