strawberry ice cream

strawberry ice cream

I never considered that ice cream was something you could make at home. It just seemed like some sort of magic that could only be done by professional ice cream makers. About the first part I was right. Making ice cream is some sort of magic. About the second part not so much. Ice cream is something that can be made at home. The kind contestants of Masterchef Australia made me realise this. But as I said, making ice cream is some sort of magic. And the results depend heavily on the quality of ingredients used, and the ratios they’re used in. The first couple of times I was out of luck. The vanilla ice cream I tried to make turned out one big fatty mass. Not nice at all. And that happened again, and again, and again. Last year I was able to produce a half decent strawberry ice cream. But I didn’t write down the recipe – or I lost it. Either way, this year I started from scratch. Made a couple of batches. And ended up with this version of strawberry ice cream that I like quite a lot.

A couple words of advice: Chill the custard thorougly. Trust me. If you ignore this step, the custard will heat up your ice cream maker (yes, I let that happen). And then there will be no ice cream for another day since ice cream makers need to freeze for 15 hours. Sad days. So make the custard one day ahead, and chill it overnight.

If you have more advice on making ice cream, please leave them in the comments.

a recipe for strawberry ice cream

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