intentions for the new year – 2018

And then it was 2018! I don’t know about you, but I’m quite excited for this new year. I have this feeling that some long anticipated things will finally come to fruition. And I have some ideas of what I would like to do over the next twelve months. What I don’t have are new year’s resolution. Ten years ago I decided I would no longer make them for they tend to have failed by the third week of January. But I do like a good challenge every so often. So I set one for 2018. The first time

I’m on an elimination diet

While I start writing this it is 2.57 AM and I’m wide awake sitting in my single bed in my tiny bedroom in Groningen. And to make it even more fun: I have to be in class in seven hours. Needless to say, I’m not going to make it to university today. The reason for this midnight activity is that my brain finally is tying up all the loose ends of my thoughts gathered over the past three weeks on the subject of this story. And when my brain is in this mode it won’t turn off until the story is

10 november 2017

Today it is five years ago my now husband and I left to marvel the world. We had a vague idea about where we wanted to go and a one way ticket to Mumbai, India. A wild guess, and a brave choice, since we both had little experience with travelling outside of Europe. We, well to be completely honest, I made the decision to go one and a half year earlier. Matthijs and I had been, at that time, together for three months. I had been thinking about a gap year, and since I had been dreaming about

the everyday

Today I introduce a new category to my site. For the past year I had two categories: the world and my cookbook. These will be accompanied by the everyday, for the simple reason that it is implied in my title. I chose between the dots because I was tired of everybody only asking about big events in my life, or as I call them: the dots. For me, life is about all those little moments in between. Two things I like to do in between are travelling and cooking, and in the stories I write on these