What started as a silly idea months ago, turned out surprisingly well. In the beginning of the year my youngest brother mentioned during a conversation on the phone that he would like to take a short vacation at the end of April. I’m always in for going somewhere, so I suggested to go with him. After brainstorming via WhatsApp for days, and a dinner to determine if we would still think it would be a good idea in real life, we decided on Berlin. Even though he had been there last year with school, and we were there in 2005 together with our brother and our parents. But that was a while ago, so it was time to refresh my memories which didn’t stretch further than the Holocaust Memorial and some broad street we walked by. Needless to say, after four days of laughing and improvising in Berlin my memory has been refreshed. And I discovered going away for a couple of days with my little brother is quite fun. But next time I think it might be wise to make a little itinerary, so there is a moment where he can go shopping while I visit a museum or have some tea in an Instagram-worthy place. With an age difference comes a difference in interest, I guess. Enjoy the pictures.

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