When I started my elimination diet I was given two options for breakfast: oatmeal porridge and coconut yogurt with fruit. To be honest, neither of them sounded too appealing to me. Coconut yogurt is quite fatty and too heavy for me to eat in large quantities, and in addition to that I find it very expensive. Oatmeal porridge, however, is a whole other story. Glutenfree oatmeal is definitely affordable. But the thing is, I have never (underlined, bold, italic, multiplied by 18658) liked porridge. Not even when I was little. And 28 years later, not much has changed. So the only solution was to start experimenting with the ingredients I was allowed to have for breakfast, and came up with this ‘porridge’ that is quite similar to overnight oats, but suitable for a very restricted diet. Although, I would highly recommend this breakfast if you live with less restrictions. It is high in protein and contains almost half of the recommended daily intake of fibre. So it's filling and good for your bowels. I eat this breakfast five or six times a week, which makes my mornings quite simple for it removes the question what I should eat for breakfast. I only have to decide which fruit and other flavourings I will add.


- Mix 40g oatmeal, 10g hemp seeds, 6g chia seeds, and 100ml rice milk. Wait for 10 minutes.
- In the meantime, take a shower, get dressed, or quickly scan through a magazine or newspaper.
- Add 50g coconut yogurt and 70g fruit. Enjoy your breakfast!


40g gluten free oatmeal
10g hemp seeds
6g chia seeds
100ml rice milk
50g coconut yogurt
70g fruit