Rhubarb & strawberry jam with a twist

18 June 2018

This recipe was lost in one of the many moves I put my blog through. But luckily I found it again while perusing my old recipes and photos. And no, the images are not the best I've ever made. But sometimes that's alright. It is a reminder of the time I was experimenting with more complex food styling, and my weird obsession with putting flowers in every picture I took. I also didn't know how to deal with glass. Despite all these flaws, I hope that you will give this jam a try. Because it is really good, and recipes are not about the photos, they're about the flavour. Even if you eat with your eyes first.


- Cut the rhubarb and strawberries in small pieces, making sure to cut them as small as possible.
- Place the pieces of fruit in a large pan with 2tbsp rice vinegar and 100g demerara sugar. Slice the vanilla bean lengthways, scrape the seeds, and add them to the pan. For a little extra flavour, add the vanilla bean as well.
- Turn the heat to medium-low, and stir the ingredients for 15 minutes.
- Then turn the heat to low, and let the fruit simmer for another 30 minutes - while stirring occasionally - until it is sticky and jammy.


300g rhubarb
200g strawberries
2tbsp rice vinegar
100g demerara sugar
1 vanilla bean