Early on a Sunday morning in the beginning of September, Matthijs and I collected our camping gear, warm clothing and books, and squeezed everything in our tiny rental car. Our first stop: a small village in the eastern part of the Netherlands, because I had agreed to lead the church service that Sunday morning. It was the first time my grandparents attended one of my services, which made it extra special. Afterwards we took some time to enjoy a cup of coffee and a piece of pie with them. What better way to start your vacation then by spending some time with your grandparents?

By the beginning of the afternoon we were finally on our way to our country of destination: Poland. Actually, we didn’t plan to travel there. For the majority of this year we thought we would be going to Italy, and I don’t know what it was that changed our minds, but I’m glad it did. The both of us were in desperate need of some time off, doing nothing too dramatic or touristy. And as it turned out, Poland is the perfect country for just that. It’s not that exciting or spectacular, the food is not exceptional, the countryside nothing special. However, the towns are charming, the food is reminiscent of what your grandmother might cook – which is in my book not a particular bad thing -, and the lack of highways makes you move at a slower pace.

What we failed to realise, is how large Poland actually is. We made an itinerary based on what seemed interesting to us, which resulted in us being all over the place and spending a bit too much time in our rental car. Well, lesson learned: not every country is as small as the one we live in. Because I wouldn’t recommend to copy our schedule, I’m going to split our vacation up in several different posts. So if you’re ever going to Poland, you could just refer to the region you might be interested in visiting. For now I’m signing off, leaving you with some of my favourite images from this uneventful yet revitalizing holiday.

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