When we had first decided on Poland as our destination for the month of September, in the course of only one week three of our friends asked us excitedly if we were going to Torun. Well, actually, we weren’t. Simply, because we hadn’t heard of this place. And we are not the kind of people to read our guidebooks cover to cover. But with this many recommendations for one small town, we had to look into it. And soon I found a way to fit this charming town in our not so tight packed itinerary.

At first, I was a bit apprehensive. At the moment I’m gravitating more and more away from city life and towards spending time outdoors instead. I live in a city and I’ve had my fair share of foreign cities in the past couple of years. So I’m not always sure what a new place can offer that I haven’t already seen. My mom calls me a snob for saying things like this, so feel free to think of me like that as well. I don’t mind.

The solution to combining all the recommendations to visit Torun and my desire to spend most of our time in Poland in nature was to spend just and evening there. And it turned out to be just enough time to get a little taste of the ambience. However, I can imagine you could enjoy yourself a little more time in this cute place. But I don’t regret our choice to stop for just one night on our way to the Gdansk area.

We arrived in the beginning of the afternoon at the motel we opted to sleep just for convenience. Checking in was already quite an adventure for the counter was managed by an elderly woman who didn’t speak English or German. Luckily there is this miracle called Google Translate, so when two guys at the bar suggested using this wonderful tool, we were able to communicate. So here’s a little tip from me to you: when you visit Poland, make sure you have enough data for your mobile phone to use a translate tool. You’re going to need it. Well, unless you speak Polish of course.

After we dropped most of our things in our room, we wandered around the lovely city centre for a while, enjoyed a very late lunch at a traditional milk bar, and sat on the terrace of a local brewery until it was time to return to our simple motel and go to sleep.

wander around and spot all the cute figurines in the old town 

get your food served by grumpy dinner ladies at a milk bar

enjoy a craft beer at the local brewery across the street from said milk bar 

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