My food intolerances

Between the Dots started on 17 August 2016 as a place to collect recipes that don't upset my body. For myself. And to help others. To give some insight into the guidelines I follow while creating my recipes, here I share my list of the things I don't tolerate or only use in moderation. This list came together through years of trial and error, and with the help of an orthomolecular dietitian. Therefore, it is strictly personal and may contain ingredients you can tolerate while you follow similar guidelines. If you have difficulties tolerating food, I highly recommend seeking help from a professional to discover what your body needs.

Before you have a look at my list, a little disclaimer: I'd like you to know that this list is strictly personal to me and just for reference. Make use of it when you've invited me over for dinner, or are looking for a food-related collaboration with Between the Dots. If you experience any health issues, seek help from someone who is specialized in whatever need you have and be prepared to do the work. It took me years to narrow down my food sensitivities and I couldn't have done it without help. From my experience, I have a lot of knowledge about food intolerances. However, I'm not a health care professional and therefore can't help you with any problems you might experience.

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