Our visit to the Białowieża forest was one of the highlights of our time in Poland. It was also the single reason why our travel itinerary turned out nearly impossible. The forest is situated on the border between Poland and Belarus, so that is 1400 kilometres from where we live. Just as far as Bilbao. The strange thing is that I would not consider driving to Spain, whereas I never stopped to think that the other side of Poland would be the same distance. And what I tend to forget is that I live in one of the smaller countries in the world and we have one of the better road infrastructures. As you might have guessed from this, a mistake in travel time and distance in a foreign country has been made before. Nevertheless, we travelled to Białowieża, and I don't regret all the hours we spent in the car to get there.

I wanted to travel to Białowieża because it is one of the last remaining primeval forests in Europe. And it is home to the largest population of European bison. Not that we saw one on hour guided morning walk in the strictly protected area, but that's not important. It was quite the experience to watch the sun rise over this ancient place. And we could see the bison in the reserve which was just as nice. We did come across an enormous red deer on that early morning, but that was a moment I chose to experience rather than capture with my camera. Nevertheless, I have quite a few photos to share with you from our time here. I hope you enjoy this little travel journal.

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