Fresh tomato salsa

Let me be frank with you for a bit: I never - and I mean that quite literally - follow a recipe. Unless I have written it myself. And even then I tend to stray away from it. This quirky habit started when I stopped eating onions and garlic for I had to adjust every recipe I came across. But by now it's more that I see shortcuts and ways to improve flavour. And since I'm writing my recipes for stubborn people like myself, I'm going to let you experiment a bit more yourself and will sometimes provide more of a guideline instead of a recipe that you have to follow to the letter. For example, this salsa. I just threw some ingredients I found in my kitchen together, and it turned out quite well. But your taste is likely not exactly the same as yours, so I encourage you to keep tasting while you're adding ingredients. One word about the polpo. I used canned tomatoes in this salsa because I don't tolerate the seeds and skin of tomatoes too well. Also, I'm too lazy to remove the skin and seeds from a fresh tomato and then finely dice the flesh. But feel free to swap the polpo out for fresh tomatoes.


- Mix 200g polpo with 1-2tsp (garlic) olive oil, the juice of 1-2 limes, and 1tsp of demerara cane sugar.

- Add salt, black pepper, and tabasco to taste.


200g polpo

(finely diced tomatoes)
1-2tsp (garlic) olive oil
juice of 1-2 limes
1tsp demerara cane sugar
black pepper

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