Aphid control

4 March 2021

With the weather becoming gradually milder, plants are slowly starting to emerge from the ground or create new leaves. If I had to choose a favourite time of year, this would be it. However, this new life has a bit of a downside as well: aphids. Chances are you have seen these little creatures sucking the life out of your flowers and plants. I'm not going to bother you with an in-depth article about all different varieties, there are enough of those out there already. And I'm not particularly fond of writing about insects. However, I will share with you my go-to recipe to get rid of them - or at least significantly reduce their numbers. Because when left alone, they will destroy your garden, whether that garden is on the ground or on a balcony. They even found their way into my living room on more than one occasion. But I no longer give them a chance to wreak havoc.

It takes less than a minute to make this aphid control spray. No excessive harmful chemicals, no ridiculous prices, no endless trips to the garden centre. Just some water and two ingredients you probably have in your cupboard already: green soap and methylated spirits. That's it.


It is quite easy to make your own aphid control spray. All you have to do is to mix water with green soap and methylated spirits in a spray bottle.

For every litre of water you add 20ml green soap and 20ml of methylated spirits.
If you prefer to work with cups and teaspoons, you add 1tsp of green soap and 1tsp of methylated spirits to every cup of water.

Thoroughly spray your aphid infested plants. They especially like to hide underneath the leaves, so make sure to spray there as well. Repeat every two or three days until the aphids have gone.


green soap
methylated spirits

groene zeep