Loch an Eilein

11 March 2021

When we decided to travel to Scotland, I came up with a crazy plan. Of course I did, because otherwise something would be off. And the fun thing is, my plan worked out. I found a wonderful photographer through my discovery page on Instagram. And I asked her to join us for a bit while we were in Scotland. What I didn’t know when we first started writing each other, is that she did not live in Scotland. But we connected, and came up with this incredible idea for a photo shoot, and we decided that it was too good to not follow through. So on a Monday evening we picked her up from the train station in Aviemore, had a cup of tea, and headed to our campsite.

The following morning we got up early, showered in the open air, and drove to Loch an Eilein, where we spent five hours in the cold and rain exploring the woods. And even though it felt a bit decadent to have a photographer travel with us, I did not regret it for one moment. Because when I look at these photos I don’t just see the beautiful images she created, but they transport me back to those four days we spent with her in my favourite place in the world.