One of the more frustrating remarks, when I started my elimination diet, was: "but garlic is so healthy". And while it might be true that garlic helps fight bacteria, supports your immune system, possesses anti-inflammatory activity, and lowers risk for heart disease, it is also high in fructans (oligosaccharides) which is not an asset when you're having poor gut health. And therefore, I cut it out completely for a while.

However, some foods become just plain and boring without garlic, so I went on a mission to incorporate the flavour again. And that was more simple than I could've imagined. The fructans in garlic are water-soluble, so when you put a garlic clove into a soup or sauce some of the fructans will leach out into the water. And therefore, this is not the way to go. But there is a way that is safe when you don't tolerate fructans, and that is oil.

In oil, the fructans will not leach out. So you can start your dishes by adding some oil and a couple of crushed garlic cloves to a completely clean and dry pan. When the garlic cloves turned golden brown, you remove every last piece of garlic before adding other ingredients. This way you will have the flavour but not the nasty side effects. Believe me, I choose to throw out the cloves of garlic over throwing up my dinner every time. Sorry for the visual.

To get you started I linked a couple of my recipes where I successfully used this strategy. Happy cooking!


that make use of this strategy.

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