Scottish lowlands

At the beginning of the pandemic, I enthusiastically started to catch up on my travel stories, but to be honest, for the past year it just felt weird sharing them while we were still strongly advised to stay at home. But now my first trip abroad in over two years is near, I would love to square all these old stories away. So here we are, almost three years after the fact, ready for this final leg of our Scottish adventure: the lowlands. Or to be more specific: the Cairngorms, Aviemore, Craigievar Castle, Edinburgh, Portobello Beach, and Melrose Abbey.

Two notes before I let you get lost in the photos: for part of this journey we were traveling with Orsi, a lovely human being and a wonderful photographer, so I took some time off from my camera. Something she told me not to, and I wished dearly that I had listened to her. But hey, learn from your mistakes and whatnot. And the downside of waiting so long to share this story is that I don't have a lot to tell you about it because I simply don't remember. So in short: camping in Scotland, it's the best. Visit castles, do a distillery tour, and spend time in forests. Next time, I promise a better story on this beautiful country.

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