This post - like so many other travel stories - has been a long time coming. In August 2019, we spend a couple of days in a B&B near Den Bosch. Our main goal? Doing absolutely nothing other than hanging around. So that's what we did. Well, most of the time. Because I have this lovely husband who has difficulties with being in one place, there has been some driving around the area. We visited one museum and stumbled upon a camel farm, but other than that, we stayed put.

What we've been doing those five days? I'm not sure what Matthijs did. He might have read a book and wandered around the forest in the backyard. And I spent my days observing the light, practicing food styling, flower photography, getting ready pictures for weddings, and product photography. So basically, in those couple of days, I laid the foundation for everything I do now, three years later. And I think the result of this crash course is not bad at all. If I may say so myself.

In conclusion: go spend some time in a secluded area and do all those things you can't make time for at home.

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