Just before the world went into lockdown, I spent some time in the sun in Portugal. Little did I know what would happen not even one month later. The crazy thing is, that in my mind this holiday grew into the best one I ever had. Even though it was far from perfect. I struggled with my health. A lot. So I had to plan my days around what my body needed, and that meant I had to spend the afternoons in bed. Luckily, I had chosen a lovely hostel with comfortable beds. And while we're on the topic: Lisbon is not easy to navigate with a reluctant body. Every street is on a hill, so you either walk up or down. But they have excellent public transport so you could always opt to skip out on walking - although the trolleys are an interesting experience during rush hour.

That being said, I did enjoy my time in Lisbon. I spent my days in botanical gardens, markets, musea, and with a book in cafés. On previous solo adventures, I would step out of my hostel in the mornings and see what the day would bring me, but since walking around was a bit tougher in this city, I had to plan my days a bit more. And to be honest, that's not a bad idea when visiting Lisbon anyway, since it's not a small city.

This is how I went about planning my trip: a made a list of everything I wanted to see, divided them into neighbourhoods, and looked up a restaurant or café nearby the activity so I did not have to waste energy on finding a comfortable place to rest for a bit. And then I glued these tiny plans into a travel itinerary that would work for me. And it worked wonderfully. I didn't get to see everything I wanted to see, but now I have a good excuse to return one day.

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