Cabanas de Tavira

Two weeks ago, I shared my solo adventure in Lisbon. What I didn't mention in that story, is the real reason I was in Portugal: to visit my grandparents. Each winter they go to the Algarve for about a month, and I thought it would be nice to visit them there. Initially, I wanted to travel by train from the Netherlands to Portugal, but that was too expensive. But my mind was set on a stop-over in Lisbon, so I spent some days there, before I travelled to Tavira by train, where my grandparents picked my up from the train station.

I wish I could tell you a story of how wonderful it was to spend a couple of days with my grandparents. But unfortunately, that's not what happened. The train made so much noise, that I arrived with a migraine so horrible that I spent most of my visit in bed in a dark room. Welcome to life with chronic illness. However, in between headaches I did have a lovely time exploring the area while being driven around by my grandfather. Although, I honestly can't tell you where we've been. Despite all this, I do enjoy the photos of these couple of days, and I hope you do too.

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