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A couple of weeks ago out of the blue I got an inexplicable craving for brownies. This was quite unexpected, because although I absolutely love chocolate, I’m not the biggest fan of cakes that contain chocolate. De chances that I choose something with chocolate from a menu or take with me from the display in a bakery are immeasurably slim. And forget about bars covered in a tiny layer of chocolate. No, I’m happiest with just a piece of chocolate. Or the entire tablet.

Anyhow, here I was with this insatiable craving for brownies. Two long weeks I have tried my hardest to ignore this intangible longing, and forget about it altogether. Unfortunately to no avail. So in the end there was nothing I could do than to give in. I know myself well enough to know that a subpar supermarket brownie, or an average version from any other place just wouldn’t cut it. Therefore I decided to make one myself. Four years ago I bought a great patisserie book from a bakery in London at a book market in Buenos Aires, so I thought I would find my salvation there. Nothing could be further from the truth. Only a few bites of the final product resulted in an instant headache. After a futile few seconds of debate what was left of the devilish sweet treat found itself in the garbage can. An awfully dissatisfying outcome, so a better – less devilish – brownie just had to be baked. A different recipe, and the daring decision to decrease the amount of sugar by half culminated in this divine creation. Enjoy!

recipe for reduced sugar brownies

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