fish tacos

fish tacos

I love to try out new recipes. But often I only think of this at the very moment I’m about to start cooking. So it happens quite often that I don’t have all the ingredients at hand. Or in order to be able to eat the dish I have t alter the recipe due to my intolerances. With these fish tacos it was a little bit of both. I had made the recipe before, but when I wanted to cook it again, some of the ingredients in the original recipe were hard to find. Also, I had to work around a huge amount of garlic. And when I was about to make the tacos, I had already finished some of the produce. Despite – or perhaps thanks to – all these improvisations the result was better than the original. So long story short, feel free to use this recipe – or all my recipes for that matter – as a guideline, and alter them to your own preferences.

recipe for fish tacos

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