gooseberry mojito

Not too long ago I almost completely cut out alcohol. That’s not too big of an accomplishment since I have never been much of a drinker except for a brief period in my early twenties. But when I discovered that alcohol is a trigger for migraines the choice was simple. Instead I drink (sparkling) water. However, I do like to drink something with a flavour every now and then. So insert mocktails, virgin cocktails, lemonade, or whatever name you wish to give them.

This mojito mocktail is flavoured with gooseberries that grew on our balcony. We were given this plant for our wedding by my friends from theology just because of the name. In Dutch gooseberries are called crossberry. And they reasoned that as a theologian you can’t not have “the cross” in your house. The plant turned out to be quite a productive one. In it’s first year of bearing fruit it gave more than 500 gram of berries. So more than enough to create a couple of recipes with. I hope you enjoy this one.

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