plum tart

plum tart

Two years ago, when I just got my license to lead church services in the Protestant Church in the Netherlands, I was asked to come to a small village with only sixteen houses, a restaurant and a church. After the service one of the members of the congregation came to me. By the look on her face I was sure I was in for a good dose of critique, but luckily for me, my judgment was way off. Instead I was asked if I liked plums. And when I answered positively, I was handed over a small bag of plums from her garden. That prompted the creation of this recipe that was the second I ever shared on my website.

In the 23 months that have passed, I made this tart with quark, soy quark, and coconut yogurt. The quark and soy versions worked best, however in the meantime I learned soy is not that good if your hormones are out of wack. So instead I tried to recreate it with coconut yogurt. This did work, but it requires some additional instructions. Where the quark and soy quark fillings are both quite firm, the coconut yogurt filling is very runny. So place it in the tart shell when the tin is already on the baking tray. Otherwise you’re kitchen will be covered in tart filling. Trust me on this one (let me know if you would be interested in me sharing my kitchen fails). Also, bake the tart a little longer, and let it firm up in the refridgerator before serving it. Enjoy!

 recipe plum tart

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