The €9 cheeseburger

the €9 cheeseburger

This is more of a joke than a serious recipe. A little while ago TGI Fridays and Five Guys opened in Utrecht. And Matthijs, as the burger lover that he is, suggested we would go and eat a burger at either one of them. Until he saw the prices these chain companies charge. So instead of eating a burger there, we decided to create our own €9 cheeseburger, the average price of a cheeseburger there. That was easier said than done. In order to make this sum we had to add a patty that was made of entrecôte, one of the most expensive types of beef, and pork belly. I still think it is ridiculous that we did this. But it puts the prices of mediocre burgers in perspective. Which was kind of the point of this experiment. However crazy we go with making burgers at home, it will cost us only half of what it would cost us if we ordered them somewhere else. And it isn’t that much of an effort to make them ourselves.

recipe for the €9 cheeseburgerclick here to open the recipe




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