the everyday

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Today I introduce a new category to my site to accompany the two categories I have had for the past year: travel stories and cookbook. I named it the everyday. The single reason I introduce this new category is that it is implied in my title. I chose between the dots because I was tired of everybody only asking about big events in my life, or as I call them: the dots. For me, life is about all those little moments in between. Travelling and creating new recipes are two of my favourite things to do, and in the stories I write on these subjects I share little stories from my life. But – unfortunately – not everything that I do is accompanied by travel or a recipe. And I don’t want to leave things out just because I didn’t create a space for it in my tiny corner of the world wide web. What happens between the dots is the everyday, the small, the sometimes hardly noticed, or sometimes a little bigger. The case is, I’d love to have a document on that when I’m old. So I can be reminded of what my life was like. For a little while I incorporated my mother tongue in my stories, but I have decided that from now on I will write my stories in English, for I find this language more beautiful and richer, and it has a certain slowness to it that a miss in Dutch. I might reconsider my choice of language in the future, but that’s for then.


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