coconut lime waffles & raspberries

waffles with raspberries and tea for breakfast

I have to make a confession. And it isn’t a pretty one. I’m one of those people who hoards kitchen appliances, and then tends to neglect them. More often than I would like to admit, they’re just hanging out at the bottom of the corner cabinet in my kitchen without being used for months. One of my many victims is my waffle iron. However, when I finally remember to make some waffles, I make enough to fill half a drawer in my freezer. And I can eat a waffle for breakfast on a dull tuesday morning just because I feel like it. That’s how I justify my hoarding habits. It’s sad, I know. Let’s just conclude that the term minimalism wasn’t invented for me.

The recipe below started out with the thought that since I had a winter waffle in my cookbook, I needed a spring waffle as well. The first thing that came to mind – as it does more often – were raspberries. I added lime, my latest favourite from the citrus family. And a little bit of coconut and some whipped cream made them complete. All of this happened before my dietary restrictions increased. But they are too good to delete them. So here are some suggestions to make them dairy-free:

  • replace the milk with rice drink, 1:1
  • replace the butter with coconut oil, 1:1
  • use coconut yogurt instead of whipped cream, and blend it with the raspberries

Unfortunately, the amount of batter isn’t enough to fill half a freezer drawer with delicious waffles. The upside if that, is that you don’t need an electric mixer to mix the batter. A bowl and a whisk will do. Saves some washing up. But doesn’t leave you with happy breakfast for dull tuesdays. So, what I usually do, is double the recipe, give my biceps a free workout, and fill up that freezer drawer. And to let you in on a little secret: I like the waffles even better when they’re toasted. That makes them nice and crispy.

recipe for coconut lime waffles with raspberries

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