after the swimming pool green smoothie

ingredients in bowls for a green smoothie with spinach, mango, and nectarine

Sometimes the best things come from scraps. Like this smoothie. My fridge, freezer and fruit basket where basically barren of breakfast goods. So I threw whatever was left in my blender, weighing everything because I was counting calories for a short period, and out came this delicious green monster. But because there are a trazillion green smoothies on the web, I needed a better name. And what better name then one that celebrates a joyous occasion?

Me and the swimming pool go way back. And our relationship hasn’t always been as joyous as it is today. My first memory is from when I was about three years old, and I skipped the corner of a pool in Greece and the water almost swallowed me. Fortunately my uncle rescued me, and I’m still alive. But ever since, I can tell how I’m really feeling by my reaction on thinking about a pool. For many years it has been fine. I managed to get four swimming diploma’s. And every summer I went swimming almost every day in our local pool. But last year I was so burned out, my fear of pools turned into fear of water. And for months I was scared of taking a shower, afraid I would drown. So I bathed. And that was only possible because our bathtub is so small I have to sit up in it. Over time that fear has faded, and turned into swimming pool anxiety again. But although our relationship has had more downs then ups, we always come back together again. And about three months ago I decided to conquer that fear as well. I was in a hotel with a small, shallow pool – I could walk from one side to the other if I wanted – and swam. For hours and hours. Sometimes two times a day. And back home again, I went to my local swimming pool, where I hadn’t been since we moved here. Even though it is only three minutes from our house. The first couple of times, Matthijs came with me. And that was so helpful, because I was scared. A lot. Every couple of minutes I inhaled water, and immediately felt like I was drowning. But then he was there to comfort me. And now, by the end of this summer, I go swimming once or twice a week. By myself. I even took my bathing suit with me on holiday. Unfortunately, I haven’t used it. But that led to an unexpected feeling the next week: I missed swimming. So after a long long time I can finally say I am well again. And for this joyous reason (and because the macros are quite alright) I named my green smoothie: after the swimming pool green smoothie.

recipe for a green smoothie with spinach, mango, and nectarine

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