Physalis & coconut stracciatella

During one of the many moves I put this blog through, I lost the original story I wrote to accompany this recipe. To be honest, I'm quite impressed that it only happened to one or two stories in total. And I'm not going to pretend it didn't happen by making something up over four years later.

I do remember that I made this recipe with ingredients I had lying around, that I photographed it just because I liked the way it looked, and that I enjoyed it so much I posted it on my blog that very morning. And just because of this, I feel that these old photos deserve a place in my archives.

9 physalis
100g coconut yogurt
15g 70% chocolate

serves 1

  • Take the physalis out of the dried flowers, and place them in a bowl.
  • Make the coconut stracciatella by finely chopping the chocolate and mixing it with the coconut yogurt. Keep some of the chocolate sprinkles aside.
  • Pour the stracciatella on top of the physalis, and sprinkle with the leftover chocolate.

Enjoy your breakfast!

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