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It has been ten months since I have written in this journal, except for one story I wrote at the beginning of this year. A conscious decision, because I had to focus on my health. But here I am, in a better place and ready to write stories more regularly. Although I must say that I'm not quite comfortable with the circumstances, for there are more important stories to be told at this time. And it feels not quite right to share a travel story in the middle of social distancing and global travel restrictions. On the other hand, why not? In a time where we're all asked to stay at home, why not travel through photos from the past?

So here they are, my photos from the couple of days we spend in the Gdansk Area in September 2018. That is where I left off when I hit the pause button on this journal, and that's where I wish to start sharing again. Since it's been a year and a half, I don't remember much from this holiday. What I do remember is that I was tired, not interested in cities at all, and only wished to be in nature. But when you travel together, you also have to give a little, so there were a city and a castle included in this leg of our journey through Poland. I hope you enjoy this story, and if all goes well, I will see you next week.

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