homemade glutenfree, low fodmap granola

So, this one is more for Matthijs (and all you granola lovers out there) then for me. I’m not that big on crunchy things for breakfast. However, sharing this recipe – and probably other granola recipes in the future – is in my own interest. Why, you might ask? Because now I am the one spending time making my husbands breakfast because it is cheaper and healthier than buying it at the store. And having to hear the complaints when I fail to make a new batch for weeks on end. So now I can just send him here and let him make it himself. How good is that? That being said, I now have to go and create a place to keep all ingredients together so he can find it. Bye!

Oh, if you have an awesome idea for other flavours, please let me know in the comments.

recipe for low fodmap, glutenfree granola

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